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Dr. Margaret Neale, Professor of Organizational Behavior, Stanford University Graduate School of Business, the narrator and instructor, describes the objective of the video. She drives us though the process and gives us tips, recommendations, common errors and many explanations about what is happening during the negotiation.” (Video Media Group of the Stanford Alumni Association, 1997)

“The Sluggers Come Home” instructional video provides us with an overview of different visual and realistic scenarios which is narrated with different applications and tactics used during a negotiation at different stages of the process (Video Media Group of the Stanford Alumni Association, 1997) . The video breaks the process down to three primary stages during the negotiation: Preparation, Bargaining, and Settlement. Stage 1 – Preparation The video does a good job in showing us the aspects of what to do prior to the negotiation during the Preparation Stage. It gives tips of errors not do, certain situations to be aware and try and prevent, and correct them if they happen. Negotiations can be broken down into two primary bargaining categories: Distributive and Integrative. “Distributive bargaining is a competitive process for determining how to distribute or allocate scarce resources whereas integrative bargaining is collaborative and allows both parties to create value and satisfy their needs” (Hames, 2012, p. 57,

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