2009 Ap World History Free Response Questions Essay

2009 DBQ SAMPLE ANSWERSThe following are sample students responses to the 2009 DBQ on imperialism in Africa. I have not changed the response in any way (including misspellings, poor grammar, etc.). I hope you all realized that a 9 essay (which all of these essays are) is not perfect. The student response is in normal font. Anything in bold type is my scoring note or comment. The scoring is just like on your essays, so that 3-7 implies a successful analysis of document 7. Any questions, just ask. I hope this sample essay lets you see a good example written by a peer of this essay.Mr. RichAfrican actions and reaction in response to the European scramble for Africa havebeen significant. Avoid generic intro.This ordeal has been going on since the late 1800’sto the early 1900’s. Europe personification of a placehas always tried to control Africa and the many different tribes there. There are many different opinions about this and Africans are use past tensestrongly against it, and have a strong dislike toward Europeans. For example, Ndansi Kumalo, an African veteran, is very against the Europeans due to their massive killing sprees. However, others believe they can deny theEuropean advances or simply politely tell them to go away.


Nick Epps27 March 2009AP World HistoryDocument-Based Question 2006Although the economic effects of silver flow from the mid 16


centuryto the early 18


century seem to perceived similarly in the separatecountries, the social effects are more biased based on the source’s point of view. Documents 4 and 5 show that silver was the preferred means of payeven though the sources were from different points-of-views (British andMing respectfully), however; documents 2 and 7 show that the Spanish andthe Chinese have different views on their hometown effects. The documents that are in terms of economy prove to be impartialsuch as document 4 which involves an outsider’s view from Britain who isanalyzing the Portuguese’s use of silver for the Chinese goods. In document5, the Ming writer portrays a blatant statement that in older times, a simplebarter for dyed cloth would suffice but with the since the economy isbecoming more desiring of silver, common shops are starting to complicatethings with solid payments of silver. For the Spanish vantage, the prieststates straight facts saying that according to official records, there was anincredible amount of silver circulating. A document that would increase theunderstanding of the economical effects would be a report from an officialdocumenter in Manila that has the ratio between the silver going out versusthe amount of goods from China to show who has the advantage in thetrade- to serve something that has a professional view.

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