Research Paper Apa Style 2012 Ford

You will find general guidelines and a few citation examples below. For more information and additional examples, please see the "Writing Website In-Text Citations and References" blog post from the APA Style blog.

Web page citation follows this basic format:  


Author, A. (date of publication). Title of document. Retrieved from http://URL
Author, A. (date of publication). Title of document. Retrieved from http://URL

Note: the title of the website or webpage should be italicized in the reference list if the work on the page stands alone but not italicized if it is part of a greater whole (if this is ambiguous, choose what you think makes the most sense). 

Author, A. (date of publication). Title of document [Format description]. Retrieved from http://URL

Note: The format description is used only when the format is something out of the ordinary, such as lecture notes; otherwise, it's not necessary. 

Web site or something found on a web site:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (2009). CDC recommendations for the amount of time persons with influenza-like illness should be away from others. Retrieved from


Herman Miller, Inc. (2015, November). Herman Miller better world report: Our journey toward a better world. Retrieved from


Herman Miller, Inc. (2015). Annual report 2016: Form 10-K. Retrieved from


Herman Miller, Inc. (2016, May 12). Herman Miller, Inc. opens New York flagship [Press release]. Retrieved from


Web page where no author is identified:

All 33 Chile miners freed in flawless rescue. (2010, October 13). Retrieved from


Web page where no date is identified:

The College of William and Mary. (n.d.). College mission statement. Retrieved from


Annual Report / 10K

Wells Fargo. (2012). 2011 Annual report. Retrieved from

AtoZ World Culture

World Trade Press. (n.d.). Canada: The business experience. Retrieved from AtoZ World Culture database.

Books (whole)

Levitt, S. D., & Dubner, S. J. (2005). Freakonomics: A rogue economist explores the hidden side of everything. New York: William Morrow.

Books (chapter)

Paauwe, J., & Dewe, P. (1995). Organizational structure of multinational corporations: Theories and models. In A.W. Harzing & J. Van Ruysseveldt (Eds.), International human resource management: An integrated approach (pp. 51-74). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. 

Business Insights: Global

Gale Group. (2013). Exxon Mobil Corp.: Company profile. Retrieved from Business Insights: Global database.

Exxon Mobil Corp. (2012, March 26). Global Market Direct SWOT Reports. Retrieved from Business Insights: Global database.


Canada: Cultural etiquette .(2012). Retrieved from CountryWatch database.

D&B Key Business Ratios

Dun and Bradstreet. (2012). SIC 5122: Stationary and office supplies. Retrieved from D&B Key Business Ratios database.

First Research

First Research. (2014, January 12). Industry profile: Candy manufacturing. Retrieved from First Research database.


Culbert, K. (2012, April). Colleges & universities in the US. Retrieved from IBISWorld database.

MarketLine Advantage

MarketLine. (2012, June 28). Google Inc.: Company profile. Retrieved from MarketLine Advantage database.

Mergent Online

Mergent. (2012). Ford Motor Co. company financials: Ratios. Retrieved from Mergent Online database.

RMA eStatement Studies

Risk Management Association. (2012). NAICS 923110: Administration of education programs. Retrieved from RMA eStatement Studies database.

Standard & Poor’s (S&P) NetAdvantage

Corridore, J. (2012, June 28). Airlines. Standard & Poor’s Industry Surveys. Retrieved from Standard & Poor’s NetAdvantage database.

YouTube / Videos

Sam Houston State University. (2015, December 16). Santa visits Sam Houston State University [Video file]. Retrieved from


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