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UiTM Treasurer’s Office is the focal point in the financial management of the entire university system as provided by the UiTM act in 1973 and is managed centrally. Developments in Treasurer's Office are in line with the development of the University since it was established as Dewan Latihan RIDA in 1956 until it is upgraded to a university on 26 August 1999, the now Universiti Teknologi MARA.
Now, Treasurer's Office has expanded its services to 26 branch campuses and divisions and Finance Unit Zone in Shah Alam to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of the structure, processes, services and resources in the best possible governance in support of the intention to make UiTM a leading university.
Down the history lane, the Treasurer's Office of UiTM Perlis began on July 5, 1974 at the Scout House building in Padang Katong (now known as Pusat Giat Kangar) the then temporary campus. In 1980, UiTM Perlis moved to its permanent campus in Arau, Perlis. Currently, the Office of Treasurer of UiTM Perlis is located at Level 4, Administration Building.


  • Achieve the best financial management with a clean audit certificate.
  • Improve consumer’s perception and satisfaction in accordance to Customer’s Charter and in conformity with the regulations stipulated.
  • Promote a culture of continuous improvement by all staff with a minimum of staff involvement in a project or quality initiative each year.
  • Achieve 100% use of information and communications technology (ICT) for all its financial management system.


Treasurer’s Office, Universiti Teknologi MARA Perlis is the campus heart of financial management and it was established based on:
1. Legal requirements
2. Services
3. Development and Resource Management
4. Control
5. Performance Evaluation

Financial management of the university is divided into three main functions:
1. The determination of the scope and nature of financial management and budget planning, accounting, records management and provide key financial services.
2. The preparation of the guidelines and procedures, acts, directives and standards in practice.
3. The preparation of effective and accoutability organizational structure and financial controls.

The Management of Treasurer's Office, University of Technology MARA Perlis is led by six major units:
1. General Administration & Budget
2. Financial Management Unit
3. Account Management Unit
4. The Management Unit for Trust Account and Research & Consultancy
5. Procurement Management Unit
6. Property Management Unit

Functions of the Units in UiTM Perlis Treasurer's Office are as follows: -
1. General Administration & Budget
o To plan, prepare and manage an efficient and orderly administration.
o Ensure the systematic handling of letters and circulars
o Administer the affairs of human resources more efficiently.
o Ensure that all staff comply with Treasurer's Office staff code of ethics as prescribed by the University.
o Create, manage and control the budget and annual budget allocation.

2. Financial Management Unit
o Supervising and managing the receipt of the University
o To supervise and manage the fees to students, staff and suppliers
o Supervise and manage the payment of scholarships and students allowances

3. Account Management Unit
o Maintain and update accounting records.
o Prepare Bank Reconciliation Statements and Reconciliation Statement of Remuneration.
o Prepare annual financial statements for UiTM Perlis as stated in the customer’s charter
o Keep proper and updated financial documents such as payment vouchers, journal vouchers and receipts.

4. Trust Account Management Unit, Research and Consultancy
o Managing payments to vendors who provide services to the university (for the Trust Fund, Research, Consultancy and College Management only).
o Managing payments to employees as salaries, wages, and students (for the Trust Fund, Research, Consultancy and Management College only).
o Keep proper and updated financial documents such as payment vouchers, journal vouchers and receipts.

5. Procurement Management Unit
o Solicit quotations / tenders for all forms of supplies, works and services.
o Ensure all procurement processes to meet the requirements of the law and regulations.

6. Property Management Unit
o Responsible for managing and storing all the records associated with the UiTM Perlis and enforce policies for managing university’s property.
o Handle matters of property loss, whether caused by theft, robbery, fire and neglect.
o Managing the disposal of property in line with university’s asset management procedure
o Manages UiTM Perlis central storage center in accordance with the present university storage procedures.

Client’s Charter

We are committed to provide efficient, Fast, Accurate service and is responsible for Achieving the Treasurer's Office Client’s Charter

  • The preparation of UiTM Perlis Annual Operating Budget completed on schedule and on the date set by the the Treasurer’s Office, UiTM Malaysia.
  • Prepares Annual Allocation on schedule and on the date set by the Treasurer’s Office, UiTM Malaysia.
  • Issuing orders from the department for the applications proceed through:

  • a. Tender / official quotation/ direct negotiations within five working days from the date of approval for procurement in FAIS.
    b. Retail quotation /central contract within five working days from the date the application is approved in FAIS.

  • Reimburse the payment of all claims within seven days from the date of receipt of complete documents.
  • Pay emoluments as of the date set by the Treasurer’s Office, UiTM Malaysia.
  • Issuing Vehicle Acquiring Assistance Agreement Form within two working days from the date of receipt of notification of approval from the Treasurer’s Office UiTM Malaysia.
  • Delivery of a plane ticket at least a day before the flight for which reservations are received not later than seven working days before the date of the flight.
  • The release of goods from stores are made within three working days from the date of complete application is received.
  • Implementing disposal decisions within seven working days from the date of receipt.
  • Submit a final financial statements for the year by December 31 each year to the Director,Auditor General’s Local(State) Office on or before 30 April next year.

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