My Favourite Colour Is Black Essay

There is no escaping color. Whether it's choosing what to wear when you wake up in the morning or using color to make a picture full of life, color choice is always there. Color can affect your mood and motives. Some psychologists say that a person's favorite color can say something about their personality.

Below is an insight into what a favorite color might have to say about a person. Not all of these traits may be true to you but you might be able to relate some to your own personality or someone else you know personality.

Color Personalities:

Blue: Blue it seems is one of the most popular of favorite colors and is the color of the sky and sea. If blue is your favorite color it may mean that you are a deep, peaceful, compassionate person. You don't ask for much and are happy with what you have. You can be very creative and expressive. You're charming and kind. The only downside to being a blue person is that you often find yourself daydreaming, accidentally drifting off during class.

Blue symbolizes peace, stability, spirituality, calmness, comfort and content.

Fun Fact: Blue can suppress hunger!

Red: Beware! Red lovers have a flame inside them, ready to ignite with just the slightest wind. If red may be your favorite color you are passionate, confident and a thrill seeker. You are angered easily and sometimes become aggressive. Someone whose favorite color is red won't flinch when pushing anything or anyone out of their way to greatness.

Red symbolizes fire, passion, love, courage and sometimes even war.

Some successful companies like KFC and Coca-Cola use red in their advertising because its vibrancy lures customers.

Red is often used for the flags of nations and sporting teams because it shows great strength and pride.

Fun Fact: Looking at red makes your heart beat faster!

Green: Ah lovely green; the color of the trees and meadows full of grass. This is my personal favorite. If green is your favorite color it may mean you are eager to please and help others. You are curious with a love and desire for freedom. You are a respectable person and generous. You can be inventive and easily grasp and understand new concepts. Remember to sometimes meet and take care of your own needs before others.

Green symbolizes growth, balance, nature, health and fertility.

Fun Fact: Green can relieve the feeling of homesickness!

Pink: Pink is a gentle color more popular among females. If your favorite color is pink it may mean you are a soft, gentle, innocent person though you have a tendency to flirt and play around. You are sweet and loving. You radiate warmth and are friendly but tend to keep any inner emotions hidden from others. Violence often upsets you. You may require more of a delicate, trusting touch.

Pink symbolizes warmth, love, grace, trust, romance, beauty and harmony.

Pink bows are often worn to support the fight against breast cancer. Think pink.

Purple: There's not much to be told about purple lovers! Most of them are mysterious, secretly imaginative people. If your favorite color is purple you may consider yourself to be different and unique from others. You're a charmer and intrigue people with your mysterious aura. You're easy to get along with but hard to fully understand because of your secrecy. You have many friends, but not many of them fully understand the true unique you!

Purple symbolizes royalty, mystery and the ability to dive deep into the depths of the impossible.

Purple is the color of magic!

Yellow: Yellow is the brightest color and is the color of the sun. If your favorite color is yellow it may mean you are a cheerful, bright, bubbly person. Happiness is what you seek. Your life's destiny is happiness and you will do whatever it takes to add sunshine into your day to day life. You're friendly and people find you fun and positive to be around. You take joy in cheering people up and erasing the pain. You may have a fear of darkness or difficulty.

Yellow symbolizes youth, happiness, light and laughter.

Fun Fact: Yellow is the brightest color to the human eye!

Orange: Orange is a mixture between yellow and red. Orange lovers are the type who will grab your hand and pull you out into the rain to jump in the puddles. If your favorite color is orange it may mean you enjoy play and being with people. You are enthusiastic and extroverted. You have unique ideas, a unique sense of humor and love trying new ideas out. Remember to try and find a balance between work and play.

Orange symbolizes youth with a less intense, aggressive form of passion than red.

Black: Black is a powerful color with a sense of mystery and is usually related with all things evil, dark, depressing or frightening. If your favorite color is black it may mean that authority and independence are important to you. People see you as serious or conservative and you put a mask over your emotions. You have class, but at the same time are reserved. You're in control of yourself and are strong willed. Sometimes you put an invisible barrier between yourself and others.

Black symbolizes darkness, night, despair, solitary, depression and sometimes even death.

Sometimes people may like black in a certain stage of their life when they are feeling depressed or even if they are a teenager who is still trying to figure themselves out.

Black makes a statement and compliments nearly every other color.

Fun Fact: It's said that wearing black makes some people look thinner!

White: White is pure; almost heavenly. If your favorite color is white it may mean you are humble, kind and innocent. You adapt easily to new situations and are open to new ideas or suggestions. You are a peacemaker and keeper. Perfection and cleanliness is something you seek. You think carefully before making a decision and are tolerant of annoyances that might get in your way. A simple, successful life is something you desire.

White symbolizes clarity, purity, innocence and simplicity.

White, like black goes well with nearly every other color.

White is often associated with all things good and least likely to be evil. In movies white is sometimes used in this way (e.g. white valiant horse comes to save the day, white hero etc).

Fun Fact: Nurses and chefs wear white to display cleanliness and hygiene!

Strange Stuff:

Your wardrobe: Often our clothing color choice is based on what mood you are in that day or what you want to portray to others. Blue could mean you are feeling calm and contented whereas a brighter, more vibrant color may portray a need for energy and excitement. Wearing black can represent a need to be noticed and stand out but still left alone.

Subconscious Signals: Colors send different signals to our brain and affect our mood without us even noticing! Marketers spend millions on the color and design of their products to try and persuade us to buy. Films and pieces of art use color to portray different moods and emotions. Oranges, greens and reds tend to be colors that stimulate hunger, rather than suppress the appetite like blues, purples and more artificial co lours.

Color Changes: Some people's favorite color remains the same throughout their whole life whereas others change from time to time. A change in favorite color could be because of new needs or desires in the person's life. Pink is a popular color for little girls because it portrays innocence and the need to be protected. As a person progresses through different stages in life they have different needs and desires (e.g. growing up and not anymore relying on being protected, hence change in favorite color from pink). A lot of people generally have one fancied color that will remain the basis of their favorite color for life but sometimes people do change, so do color choices.

Where have you seen color used to create mood or make a statement? What is your favorite color? Do you believe a person's favorite color could possibly say something about someone's personality? What do you think your favorite color says about your personality?

Happy Halloween!
- Zicker

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