My Self-Portrait Essay

Effective Hints For An Essay About My Self Portrait

Most students will have to write a self-portrait essay at least once in their school career. However, this can be a rather intimidating paper to write. While you do know yourself better than anybody else, it is still nearly impossible to figure out what to write. Fortunately, if you know the following tips, writing your paper will be a breeze.

Tip #1: Take a Moment to Reflect on Yourself and Form a Thesis

Before you even consider your topic, take a moment to be alone with yourself. Go to an environment with no distractions, close your eyes, and breathe deeply for a few moments. Once you have reached a state of calm, think about your personality, the goals that you have in life, and who and what is near and dear to your heart. Once you have thought of something that appeals to you, branch out. For example, if you struggle with anxiety, you may think of the people close to you and how hard you try to form friendships (and have succeeded) despite your anxiety. This would go on to be your thesis statement, which you would reflect on throughout your entire paper.

Tip #2: Introducing Yourself

In order for you to catch your reader’s attention, you must introduce yourself in a way that sparks interest. While you should include basic information like who you live with or what you look like, you should not do this as if you were answering questions. Instead of telling readers that you are 16, state that you moved to the area 2 years ago when you were 14. Also, as an alternative to describing your physical attributes, you may be able to include a picture.

Tip #3: Narrow Your Body Paragraphs to a Few Main Events

In order to keep your essay in line with the typical guidelines expected from a self-portrait paper, use the body to explain 2-3 major events in your life that reflect the ideas in your thesis. Using the same example about overcoming anxiety to create friendships, you could write about three of your friends and how you reached out to them. Keep the events brief, but not so brief that they do not reflect your thesis.

Keep the above hints in mind as you compose your self-portrait essay. It may seem like a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be!

   She's never been called glamorous or even an enthusiastic pretty. Her acorn-colored hair hangs simply above her shoulders and sometimes catches a glitter from the reflecting sun. She's constantly trying to keep it tucked behind her ear in hopes that it won't stray, but it usually half-covers her eye in hopes that it one day will cover her whole face and hide her emotions from everyone. Her blue eyes are like a chameleon changing with her every outfit. Sometimes as blue as the ocean on a Caribbean beach while other times they are as dark as a storm rolling across the hills.

Her freckled face makes her appear younger and in the summer they serve to cover most of her nose. Her mother and friends used to tell her that they could tell when she was lying because a freckle under her right eye twitched. She now knows that they were mistaken because she has pulled a few over on them.

Her thin frame often struggles to endure all her emotions. She tries to encase her slender legs with baggy jeans, but her baggy jeans are still a children's size. Most of her clothes end up being hand-me-downs from her friend, so they already have that worn-in look that she loves. Her dream is to see Michael Jordan play basketball and her goal is to visit the Sistine Chapel in Rome. She has no desire to save the world or become the first woman president. She already fulfilled her greatest ambition when she proved the doctors wrong, winning her battle with cancer. Because of this she would ultimately like to find a cure for cancer and save a mother from the same worries her mother had.

She longs to find her own style and not just be another face in the crowd. She has never been one for make-up. In the winter you can see a faint glitter of blush surrounding her cheekbones but in the summer her face is overwrought with red, peeling flesh. Because of her contacts it is hard to do much with her small, marble eyes. If she could make one wish it would be that she could see perfectly.

She attempts to appear strong and confident on the outside but on the inside she is still that shy, insecure, pig-tailed ten-year-old. She is often crying on the inside while laughing out loud. She longs to be accepted but claims others' opinions don't really matter. She preaches that self love is important while she is her own worst enemy. -

This piece has been published in Teen Ink’s monthly print magazine.

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