Week 2 Assignment

MGT450 WEEK 2 ASSIGNMENT 2Dr. Derek F. Abell is known for developing the three-dimensional business definition model which has helped companies a great deal in defining their businesses. Unlike other modelswhich defined the businesses in terms of resource capabilities and their activity programs, the Abell’s model provides an overview of the consumers, consumer needs and technologies that canbe deployed to serve them. Hence, the three dimensional analysis provided by Abell entails: the Served Customer Groups, the Served Customer Functions and the technologies utilized. Abell’s model answers the three dimension questions which are: who the target groups are; what needs of customers need to be satisfied and how these needs are being satisfied (technology). Therefore, Abell’s model looks into the three dimensions which are: the Market Group Dimension, Problem Solving Dimension and the Technology Dimension (Pride, et.al. 2013).

Week 2 Assignment 1 The use of resources is essential when it comes to writing scholarly work. As college students we are expected to do research and find information that is not only relevant to our topic but also reliable. But there are several types of resources which can be used, including Scholarly and Popular resources, both of which have their pros and cons. Being a college student within Ashford University scholarly resources are easily available and readily convenient to me through the Ashford University Library. There are two types of resources while probing resources for scholarly work. There are scholarly resources and popular resources. Scholarly Resources are scholarly journals, certain books, and other publication. Conventionally, scholarly resources are written by scholars or academic in the field of studies and they are original research published in journals. This resource is either peer

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