Photography Assignments In Kolkata Picnic Spot

The opportunities for international photography jobs are both abundant and diverse. From event photography to travel photography jobs abroad, almost anyone can find a job that fits with their interests within the field.

Event Photographer. Being an event photographer can cover a wide range of activities, such as weddings, tour groups, and sporting and entertainment events. One benefit to being an event photographer is you will have consistent, regular work and you will have the chance to observe and interact with the local people, culture, and traditions.

Fashion Photographer. Fashion is another industry that is popular for photographer jobs abroad, and it can get you crucial experience needed to advance your career too. Each nation has its own cultural customs for fashion, and by traveling and learning some of these cultures, you will acquire a broader world perspective on the craft.

Photojournalism is perhaps the most lucrative field for overseas photography jobs. Photojournalist jobs are focused on documenting events by being apart of them, so it will be your job to be at the right place at the right time and to attend local events or visit local sites. You will also get the chance to interact and learn from the local people and culture, which will make you travel experiences all more essential to advancing your career as a photojournalist.

Film Industry. Whether you are working on a major full length motion picture, an independent film, or a commercial photo shoot, photographers are always needed on set to assist with film production. Job tasks may range from production assistance to casting to cinematography, all of which will greatly boost your resume.

Kolkata City Tours

Colonial Calcutta | Bazaars | Rennaisance Bengal | Kali Temples

In case you want to see much more in far lesser time then we have car and coach based Kolkata city tours for you. In about 4 hours from pickup to drop we can offer you glimpses of our city along the following themes: Colonial Calcutta Flit around the city taking in the legacy left behind the former colonial power. As you explore this side of the city you understand why they said that the sun never sets on the British Empire and how they reached the peak of their prowess and made more than enough show of it. Rennaisance Bengal This is why they used to say, "What Bengal thinks today, India thinks tomorrow." Just like Europe, Bengal had its Rennaisance too, which took it out of the clutches of the 'dark' age and threw away the old to create a new world order. Some of the most important proponents of the Bengal soil reached the peak of their individual talents thanks largely to the friction between the East and the West. Bazaars of the old city. 'Coz the city emerged from one - Sutanuti The many Calcutta markets give the city its distinctive character. From its emergence at Sutanuti, a bazaar of cotton thread, Calcutta developed along the lines of its many bazaars and the localities like Kumartulli, Shyam Bazaar, Radha Bazaar, Colootola, and the like. Explore the various markets of the old city from the oldest to the newest. Myriad Calcutta Cultures There had been quite a few, as exemplified by the Confluence of Cultures Walk Hundreds of cultures made Calcutta its cosmopolitan self. Among the most prominent of them being Armenian, Jewish, Chinese, Islamic, Jain, Buddhist coupled with the old influence of the Portuguese, the Scottish, the Greek and so on. We show you the same through a tour of their various worship and cultural centers. Kali's Calcutta - Temples and around. They never said 'Jai Kali Calcutte-wali' for nothing. Calcutta, in a way belongs to Kali, and the fact that city came up along the pilgrimage route between the most sacred place of Kali worship at the Kalighat Temple and one of the oldest at Chitpur Chitteswari Temple, stamps the final seal on it. Explore how Goddess Kali pervades the lives of the people of the city.

  • Timings:0800 hrs onwards.
  • Meeting Point:Your hotel lobby.
  • Price:INR 4000 per person for a Half Day and INR 5000 per person for a full day inclusive of car, guide and all entry fees.

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